The moment has the most intense effect when you are at the center of everything. Located directly at Monbijou Park, our hotel combines historical elegance with a timeless sense of experience. For all those who not only want to discover Berlin, but feel it.

Spectacular DESIGN

Cultivated hedonism. The award-winning DREIMETA architects have thoroughly dusted off the rooms of the Telegraphenamt and injected new blood into the capital. Between art deco and Babylon Berlin, locals and globals alike cavort. A hot spot, a second home, a place where everything seems possible.


The Telegraphenamt is part of the capital’s identity. That is characterised by diversity, individuality and countless possibilities. We help make your Berlin dream of freedom come true. Open the next chapter. With us, you are always the main character.


Every guest is different, just like every room. Find your favourite in one of our seven categories – everything here but standard.


Built between 1910 and 1916, the Haupttelegraphenamt was the most elaborate postal building in Germany. As the centre of the then revolutionary telephone network, it has always brought people and their stories together. Located directly at Monbijou Park, the neo-baroque building is as impressive then as it is now. First marvel, then enter, please.