Food & Drink

You’re not on vacation until your taste buds are, too. From Asian delicacies to the best of German cuisine, let your palate go on a journey in our hip restaurants and bars. Dining for those hungry for experience and drinks for those thirsty for life.

ROOT Restaurant

Because everything counts, a variety of tastes, influences, philosophies and in the end – everything that we find good – is put on the plate at ROOT. The international breadth is outlined regionally, because almost all ingredients come from the surrounding area. Open cuisine for open minds, as versatile as Berlin itself.


Chic ambience meets pointed cocktail art. Not too fancy but still chic, the ROOT Bar gets the best out of night and guests. Here you’ll quench more than your thirst for water. Can you hear the ice clinking in the glasses? Chin-chin!

Japanese Bakery

Elevating food to the sum total is Japanese tradition. The Japanese Bakery proves this in not one but two culinary strands: The art of baking and sushi. Here you’ll find delicate treats from the oven and sushi from master Satjai.