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The Hotel Telegraphenamt – A meeting place for Locals and Globals.

Every visit is different. Every employee is unique.

Every guest is special. Every story individual and every place has its own core – its own soul, its own character.

Diversity – united in one place. The Hotel Telegraphenamt is located directly on Museum Island, at the interface between historic Berlin and the trendy district. With 97 rooms,  several individual restaurant, bar and café operations, a 1,200 sqm gym and 1,000 sqm of private event space, a hotspot for locals and globals is being created.

Be part of the team, reinvent the city and live what you love with us.

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•The hotel is the stage, you are the show! Bring in yourself and your ideas and create with us.
•Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? No matter where, so that you can enjoy your vacation, you start with us with 25 vacation days, promised. 
•Bring your bestie! Recommend your favorite employees from the past – if you do, you’ll get a bonus for the next iPhone, TV, vacation or wellness weekend. You decide what you spend your money on.
•Enough to to sleep? Hopefully! Before you start with us, you are our guest. To get to know the Telegraphenamt properly, you should experience it as a guest. We invite you to be our guest for one night.
•We’ll turn your career ladder into an elevator. With your personal career planner, further training and support, all doors are open to you – your success is our goal.
•What do you call a noble telephone? Telegraph. The only things flatter than our jokes are our hierarchies. We meet at eye level – and with better jokes in the future, I promise.
•Stay healthy! We offer internal company health days.
Work hard, play hard. Look forward to hilarious employee events. Watching our HR department dance to hip-hop is just one of the highlights.
•Shop more, pay less. We’ll give you access to the Corporate Events portal, where you can get discounts on Apple, Adidas, Sennheiser, Epson, WMF and many more.
•Stay up to date! We wouldn’t be the Telegraph Office if we didn’t make sure you stay up to date on everything that interests you. •
•We’ll give you a Press Reader log-in, giving you access to over 7000 magazines, journals and newspapers.